OneLink is a service provided by Woden Community Service.
Our Values

Our Values

Our Vision

Individuals and families are supported and strengthened within a respectful, integrated service system.

We put people first

We are committed to a cohesive and inclusive community. We build positive relationships that are based on respect and honest communication and encourage independence, self-determination and autonomy.  We value and celebrate diversity in our communities.

We are proactive, responsive and innovative

We are positive, resilient and flexible, welcoming and optimistic.  We form partnerships with other service providers to creatively ensure our community’s needs are met.

We support each other to do our work

We work as a team and collaborate and communicate with each other in a way that demonstrates our respect, honesty, flexibility and acceptance of one another. We value the contributions of employees and volunteers and support them to develop professional and personal skills.

We value being part of the community

Our service delivery, support and advocacy are all about community participation.  We value earning the respect of our community members and acknowledge our responsibility to work to the common good and maintain mutually supportive partnerships.

We act with honesty, integrity and transparency

We are professional, ethical and mutually respectful in all aspects of our work. We manage our workforce, finances and service infrastructure and other resources wisely and efficiently, and we aim to maintain up-to-date and evidence based practices.

We offer assistance as simply and quickly as possible | 1800 176 468