OneLink is a service provided by Woden Community Service.


OneLink gives you information and easy access to support services in the ACT.

How We Can Help

When you call OneLink, an intake officer will talk with you about what support you need, and help you to link with the best service to support you.

OneLink can connect you to a wide range of services including:

  • Child, youth and family services
  • Tenancy support
  • Support for people who are homeless
  • Legal services
  • Financial counselling
  • Mental health services
  • And many other support services

OneLink can talk to you about housing options, including emergency accommodation.  OneLink can provide information about public housing, community housing, private rental and other options, and about what assistance might be available for you to secure a tenancy.

A OneLink intake officer will talk to you about your situation and what services might help. The intake officer will then provide information about options and, where appropriate, will follow up to connect you to services. The intake officer will stay in touch until you have the services you need.

Approximately a month after your last contact with OneLink, you will receive an SMS or email with a link to our feedback survey. We appreciate any feedback and suggestions to help us continue to improve our service. For more information see: Feedback & Complaints.

How To Contact Us

You can contact OneLink directly by phone, in person or via webchat (Contact Us), or you can contact OneLink through a service you are currently connected with. You can also ask a family member or friend to assist you to contact OneLink.

OneLink respects the confidentiality of all information you provide. For more information see the OneLink Privacy Policy.

Our Approach

Our approach is one of working with other organisations to improve a person’s service experience by taking a holistic view of their circumstances and, with them, designing a response that they understand and that is relevant to them. We also focus on making access easier by assisting people to navigate the system through minimising the need to repeat their story and providing supported (‘warm’) referrals to service agencies that can further assist them.

Other Useful Links

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